June 5th- June 17th



We are staying in the Byzantine village of Mylopotamos in Kythira, walking distance to a waterfall in this beautiful house..

There are five double bedrooms and sleeping for 10 people. There is room in the house, in the outdoor spaces and on the rooftop for working space, but I am also trying to source an abandoned building or similar for a studio space.

Have a good read of the house listing above and let me know if you have any questions and I will ask Jean Marie.

I have asked Jean Marie if he will be in Kythira when we are there, I thought it would be great to meet him as his work for the UN as an emergency relief worker sounds interesting and he will be able to give us lots of good local information. Sounds like we will get to meet him.


This is a great article on Kythira if you haven't already read it;

We need to arrange travel from Athens to Kythira. There are three options; driving to the Pelopponese region (5hours) to get the ferry across to Kythira. OR flying direct to Kythira. (If so, airfares should be booked soon to save $) OR by coach;  Either way it would be good to have 2 cars once we are on the island, so we can do regular trips to the beach and explore. It's worth everyone who has an Australian driving license getting an International license. I believe this just involves a trip to Vic Roads, some paperwork and a fee of approx $40.

Programme on Kythira


The time on Kythira will be mostly spent on development for Athens but I have also spoken to Belle about the idea of having an art table at a produce market on the island. This could involve exhibiting small visual works, published texts, etc or basing a performance around the table. Dylan will use the table for an hour or so for his music gear and do an improvised piece of live music. I thought it would be a great way to interact with the public on the island and have a readymade audience. If you can't make it to Kythira, it would be great to get a piece of your work to exhibit for this project. We are there for 12 days and the market happens on the Sunday 11th of June, 6 days after we arrive. I am envisaging it as a small scale project and it shouldn't be too time consuming, so if people want to read up about Kythira for inspiration and think up other projects to carry out on the island, we are happy to assist to make them happen.

 Cave of Agia Sofia - possible performance site?

Cave of Agia Sofia - possible performance site?

above; extensive series of photographs on different aspects of Kythira;



June 17th - June 25th

Below; beekeeping connection of Honeyfingers - Nikos, he is also a musician and audio engineer and should be a great source of local info


June 28th-July 7th

We have booked a warehouse apartment in Athens that has 2 bedrooms and 3 single beds in the lounge area. So there is enough room to sleep most of us. Please let me know if you have your own accommodation lined up for this period so we know how many are staying. Dylan and the kids and I will share one bedroom. So there is room for 5 more people; one extra double bed bedroom and 3 singles.$$3p=e_eml&campaign=rookery&$deeplink_path=airbnb%3A%2F%2Fd%2Flisting%3Fid%3D5032509&_branch_match_id=376659274556933195

We booked this place as it is large enough to use as a working space, it is 200sqm and has 100sqm of balcony, so we can use it as a studio and meeting place. If you are booking seperate accommodation please book nearby so we can meet/work/hang out here.

I am also inquiring about the possibility of hiring a seperate warehouse or equivalent for a working/performance/exhibition space. For this we need to decide how long we will be in Athens.

Update theres a good chance this will be in the same building as the Athens air bnb apartment which would be handy, just having to deal direct with the landlord and negotiate price and try and see some photos first!

Resources and general info on Greece;

     Hydra   I would like to do a one or 2 day trip to Hydra where Leonard Cohen lived, 1 hour by Ferry from Athens and a visit to project space, The Slaughterhouse..               



I would like to do a one or 2 day trip to Hydra where Leonard Cohen lived, 1 hour by Ferry from Athens and a visit to project space, The Slaughterhouse..







The programme has been released online! Exciting :)




Maybe these should be filed under distractions rather than preparations but..If you haven't seen this already its great; The Lobster by Greek film director Yorgos Lanthimosand. Chevalier is similar in its deadpan humour although less scifi absurdist..

Below.. Lena Platanos; 80's electronic music godddess. She lives on Crete and we are dreaming about organising a performance with her....